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Investment Policy

Investment Policy at PIIC had been developed and adopted by the BOD in order to enhance the identity of PIIC as a Palestinian Holding Company dedicated for industrial investment and to organize the investment decisions of PIIC in order to apply the Vision , Mission and short term objectives , in addition to improve its financial & operational performance.

Any investment opportunity should be initially evaluated to check it's compliance with the following:-

  1. Most of PIIC investments and investment opportunities should be focused in Palestine; any investment outside Palestine will be exceptional and dedicated to support the company’s investments in Palestine.
  2. Proffisional feasibility study should be conducted for any investment opportunity and profitability indicators should exceed the weighted average cost of capital for this opportunity.
  3. Priority is given to investment opportunities that generate steady cash flow, so the company could meet its obligations towards stakeholders.
  4. PIIC is devoting all its investments in industrial and agribusiness projects with influential ownership that enables PIIC to provide management and technical skills to improve the performance of these projects, anyhow ownership stake shouldn’t exceed 60% of the projects capital.
  5. To maximize synergy with the existing investments, priority shall be given to new opportunities that integrate with PIIC existing projects.
  6. Accodingly priority shall be given to opportunities in food production and agribusiness sectors with a possibility to invest in other industrial projects with a maximum limit that doesn’t affect PIIC's readiness to invest in the above sectors.
  7. Investment opportunities should comply with some technical investment criteria like concentration Vs diversification, timeframe and risk management.


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