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Executive Management

Mr. / Abdul Hakim Fuqaha
Mr. Fuqaha had been appointed as the General Manager of PIIC in November since 2006, he is responsible for achieving the vision, mission and objectives of the company, and he’s also responsible for developing the plans, programs and methods of work, to improve the effectiveness & efficiency of performance. Mr. fuqaha is working on the implementation of rules and regulations adopted by BOD, and providing them with sufficient information ,accurate data and analysis.
As a General Manager of PIIC his duties include monitoring the performance of subsidiaries, representing the company on the boards of affiliates (VOIC, GWMC & NCI), he is also the managing director of PPC (Aziza).
Mr. Fuqaha has a Master in Business administration (MBA) from the University of Jordan, and he has a long experience in management and financial management in many industrial and commercial companies in Palestine.

Mrs. / Nada Qafiti
CEO office manager
She is managing the office of CEO and provides the secretarial services to help him in doing his work, duties and responsibilities; she is also working on follow-up the affairs of the company's shareholders and employees.
Mrs. Qafiti has a diploma in business management beside her considerable experience in this area, and she is working at PIIC since its foundation.

Mr. / Fadi Joma 
Financial Manager

 Mr. Joma is working on applying the company's financial plans &strategies, preparing & analyzing financial reports and performance   indicators , also he is coordinating with finacial departments in subsidiaries and affliates companies for the purpose of insuring the   effectivness of applying financial systems and bases. 
 Mr. Joma has MA degree in finnace and economy ; he has a considerable  experience in finnacial analyzing and investment   managment evaluation, where he worked in several companies in Palestine.


Mr. Ghassan Abu Zahra
Internal Auditor

Mr. Abu Zahra has been working on periodic audit for company's and it's subsidiaries goals, furthermore he is following up the extent of compliance with regulations and polices that approved by the board of directors for the preparation of submission them in periodic reports to internal audit committe.

Mr. Abu Zahra has a bachelor degree in Businiss administration ,he worked in internal and external sector in main audit companies in Palestine and United Arab Emirates.



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