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Palestine Poultry Co. (AZIZA)

About the company:

Palestine Poultry Company (AZIZA) was established as a public shareholding company in Nablus – Palestine in 1997 with apaid in capital of JD 10 million , grew up to JD 13.44 million through Stock Dividends , AZIZA was listed on PEX by the end of 2002.
( AZIZA) is the largest and major subsidiary of Palestine Industrial Investment Company (PIIC).
AZIZA was the pioneer in integrating the resources in the poultry industry and to provide the Palestinian market with healthy and high quality products using latest technology.
Overtime the company has created a series of Vertical Integrated projects in poultry industry, these projects are located at different sites in Tulkarm, Jenin, Jericho, Nablus, Ramallah and Qalqiliah.
This integration includes feed mill, heavy breeder farms, hatchery, Broiler farms and slaughter house.
In January 2011 Palestine Poultry Company launched its own Brand of AZIZA chilled (fresh) and frozen chicken processed in its slaughterhouse which follows the latest technology and safety guidelines in the production process of fresh and frozen chicken. This slaughterhouse has been certified with HACCP Codex and ISO 22,000: 2005

Production & Profit Centers

  • Heavy Breeder farms (8 farms) which can produce 28 million hatching eggs annually ,all farms are fully controlled (closed & semi-closed).
  • A Modern Hatchery which can absorb 22 million hatching eggs annually, producing 16 million day old chicks per year.
  • Feed mill with 60,000 mt annual capacity , producing all kinds of animal feed using vegetarian raw materials( grains) only , the Feed Mill also has four huge silos with storage capacity amounting to 26,000 tons .
  • Broiler farms (5 farms) with annual capacity of 6 million birds , all the farms are fully closed system according to modern and highest technology in poultry industry.
  • Chicken Slaughter house with initial capacity 3000 birds /hour & final desired capacity of 6000 birds / hour , producing all kinds of fresh and frozen AZIZA chicken , also the slaughterhouse has cooling storage units , Rendering Plant and water treatment system.

Main Shareholders

  • Palestine Industrial Investment Company (PIIC)
  • Palestine Development and Investment Company (PADICO)
  • Al Mal Capital
  • Sabih Taher Darwish Al Masri
  • Adel Saeed Ibrahim Al Qasim

Chairman: Mr. Nidal Sukhtian
Managing Director: Mr. Abdul Hakim  Fuqaha

Contact Information

Tel: +970 9 268 3177
Fax: +970 9 268 3180

Email: info@aziza-ppc.com
Website: www.aziza-ppc.com

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