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Golden Wheat Mills Co. (GWMC)

About the Company:

The Golden Wheat Mills Company (GWMC) is an affiliate company of Palestine Industrial Investment Company (PIIC).
GWMC was established in Ramallah – Palestine as a public shareholding company in the year 1995, listed on PEX with USD 15 million paid in captail.
GWMC is considered highly advanced among its peers in Palestine and ME in terms of its state of the art facilities and cutting edge equipments all imported from Switzerland. GWMC can process up to 300 tons of wheat per day which enables GWMC to cover a wide share of the Palestinian market.

Main Shareholders

  • Palestine Industrial Investment Co. (PIIC)
  • Mr.Sabih Taher AL-Masri
  • Al-Masirah For International Investment Co.
  • Paltel Staff Savings Fund
  • National Company For Financial Services

Chairman: Dr.Abdul Malek Jaber
General Manager: Bassam Walweel

Contact Information

Tel: +970 2 281 8013
Fax: +970 2 281 8014

P.O.Box 43 Ramallah- Palestine

Email: info@gwmc.ps
Website: http://www.gwmc.ps

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