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Supporting creative designs in the industrial engineering “2011” Exhibition

Thursday, 15/12/2011
Based on Palestine Industrial Investment Company (PIIC) commitment to support and develop the Palestinian society , and in line with its vision and mission , PIIC and Dr. Ramy Al-hamdallah (the president of Al-Najah National University) Co sponsored the exhibition for “the creative designs in the industrial engineering 2011” that represents the applicable side of the course delivered by Dr. Hussam Araman under the same title .
This exhibition aims to emphasize the importance of learning through application (learning by doing).
Dr. Abdul Rahim Abu Safa (the Dean of Engineering Faculty) and Mr. Abdul Hakim Fuqaha (PIICs General Manager ) participated in opening this exhibition in a company with some of Engineering Faculty Professors.
At the end of exhibition the University has submitted a shield to PIIC for its concern and appreciated its role in this event.
At this context Dr .Araman (Professor in the Engineering Faculty) and Mr. Ghalib Fares (Director of Business development department ) at PIIC has submitted awards and certificates for the winners.
Finally as part of its efforts to strengthen the Palestinian national economy in general , and the Palestinian students in particular, PIIC with Al-Najah national University was cooperated to create a nucleus of a cooperative relationship in order to promote and enhance the university students to have their creative ideas , and to encourage them to have more effective role in building up the Palestinian economy.

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