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Palestine plastic industries company (PPIC) Activities

Throughout last period , PPIC organized and participated in numerous activities and events , to accomplish its vision ,mission and objectives in order to introduce the company and its packaging of products with the highest quality that compete with Israeli and imported plastic products.

These activities were targeting the concerned parties in PNA , private sector and NGOs.

  • 21/12/2011

PPIC sponsored the workshop “Public safety in the chemical factories” , which was organized by the society of chemical engineers ,engineers association, and Al-Najah National University.
Dr. Ramy Al-hamdallah (the president of Al-Najah University) participated in opening the workshop , and during this workshop PPICs staff had promoted its products which received the appreciation of attendance.


  • 15/12/2011

Under the patronage of H.E Prime Minister Dr.Salam Fayyad and the organization of “the union of water providers in Palestine” PPIC had participated in the water conference “ for distinguished experience in Palestine”.
During this conference , PPIC had a booth for (HDPE,PP and Pex water pipes) with a detailed technical presentation regarding its preferable specifications compared with traditional steel pipes.


  • 14/12/2011

PPIC sponsored and organized the workshop “methods and mechanisms to enhance the Palestinian products in the water and sanitary projects” held in cooperation with the economic monitor , Palestine real state forum and the attendance of Dr.Shaddad Al-Ateely “the chairman of water authority” , the chief of contractor association and some of local municipals and contractors.
The main purpose for this workshop is to find a proper mechanism to implement the Palestinian government decision about preferring the local products in the governmental tenders and projects against any other imported projects.

  • 30/11/2011

The company was received a shield for “the energy efficiency a ward” which was submitted by the Palestinian Ministry of energy in cooperation with the French agency for development.
A-team in the Palestinian center for Energy and Environment researches was participated in conducting some tests and surveys in order to identify “the best mechanisms and ways in efficient consumption of energy" and according to these tests PPIC is adopting the best practices to reduce energy consumption in its operations

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