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Palestine Industrial Investment Co. (PIIC)

Palestine industrial investment Company (PIIC) is a holding company founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of PADICO (Palestine Development and Investment Co) focusing on the investments in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

In 2002 PIIC was listed on PEX with a paid in capital of JD 15 million and later on it has been increased to JD 18.75 million through stock dividends.
PIIC is the founder of Palestine Poultry Company (Aziza) and Palestine Plastic Industries Company (Ladaen) and both are listed on PEX. PIIC also owns a stake in Vegetable Oil Industries Co. (VOIC)Golden Wheat Mills Company (GWMC), and National Carton Industries Co. (NCI).

In line with its Vision and Mission, PIIC aims to achieve the following objectives through directing its investments towards the Palestinian Economy:

  1. The development of industrial & agribusiness firms through injecting additional capital and providing technical knowhow for this kind of projects.
  2. Strengthen the industrial base of Palestine through investing in new ideas and industries to the market.
  3. Build the value for stakeholders of the company and its subsidiaries.
  4. Create Palestinian product which can compete with the Israeli and other imported products.
  5. As a commitment towards the Palestinian society, PIIC aims to create new employment and job opportunities within its existing and new projects.

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